Industries & Solutions

PT Megah Cemerlang Teknologi deliver innovative and sustainable technology and expertise to address industry challenges. By harnessing Hexagon solutions, we work with our customers to drive profitability and maximise return on capital across the asset and operations lifecycles.


The World Government Summit launched a report called Agriculture 4.0 – The Future Of Farming Technology, in collaboration with Oliver Wyman. According to the report, 70 percent more food would have be produced by 2050.  

A number of global trends are influencing food security, poverty, and the overall sustainability of food and agricultural systems

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods companies have short engineering life cycles, moving ideas to market very quickly. This can mean mere months for time to market by aligning multi-million dollar machines, plants, and overall work processes to meet changing customer needs and expectations.


Economic development has led to rapid urbanisation which itself leads to demand for more efficient transport infrastructures such as Airport, Sea Port, Railways etc, more environmentally friendly buildings and in some cases the birth of Smart cities.


Manufacturing industry such as Shipbuilding & Fabrication, Steel Service Centre are confront with challenges such as Labour shortage, Global competition and Adoption of technologies

Mining & Minerals

The metals and mining industry provides basic raw materials such as iron ore, steel, copper, aluminum, and potash to major sectors of the world economy, including automotive, consumer goods, agriculture, construction, and electronics.

Power Generation

Like many other business sectors, the Power Generation business is being disrupted by new technologies. The challenge of engaging workforce with new technologies without sacrificing grid throughput and HSE is a constant challenge facing many plant owners.